Doing a Crowdwatch with kids is the just the best. They love the emojis. It is such a fun way to create a unique and special memory with them. If you want kids to participate it's far more fun for them to have their own account, but they may not have their own email address yet. If you have a gmail account, you can use the instructions here to set up secondary Crowdwatch accounts for your kids without needing a new email address.

Gmail is set up to be able to work a little magic on incoming email addresses, and you can use that to create two separate Crowdwatch accounts that are both received in the same gmail inbox. (We want this for email account verification). Here is the trick:

Any email sent to gets sent to the same mailbox as

This means that you can create separate Crowdwatch accounts - and separate ones for, and they will all be confirmed with an email to This way you can set up your own account for your kids without needing them to have their own email address.

Here is how we suggest it. Suppose that Susie is Jack and Jill's mom. She set up three Crowdwatch accounts:

  1. - this account is for Susie. She sets it up with the name "Susie" and loads her profile photo in this account.
  2. - this account is for Jack. Susie sets it up with the name "Jack" and loads a photo of Jack into this profile.
  3. - this account is for Jill. Susie sets it up with the name "Jill" and loads a photo of Jill into this profile.

All three of these separate Crowdwatch accounts each get one confirmation email at the address Once all three accounts are confirmed, each one of them can log in and join the Crowdwatch on separate phones or tablets with the logins, and This way Susie, Jack, and Jill all get to participate!

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